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Alcohol & Drug Testing to Preserve Safety at Your Work Sites

It is important to have your employees and outside contractors coming to your workplace tested by a professional and reliable testing service provider, to preserve the safety of your facility and the individuals working there. At Northwest Hearing, we have experienced technicians who can provide all your occupational testing requirements:

  • Both DOT and non-DOT situations
  • Post-incident (24-hour post-incident/accident call outs, in-house or on-site)
  • Employees returning to work
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Pre-access to project sites (card access card given)

Alcohol & Drug Testing Regulations

As an employer, you have a level of safety and security to provide in a work environment, but there are certain rules around when workplace alcohol and drug testing can be done. Employers can conduct alcohol and drug tests for situations such as:

  • When an employee is working in position that requires extensive safety measures to be followed
  • If alcohol or drug use was confirmed with reasonable cause with the employee at work
  • When an employee is found to have contributed to an accident at the workplace
  • If an employee confesses alcohol or drug dependency

We use a fully accredited lab for all confirmation testing with the fastest turnaround time. Contact us if you need our drug and alcohol testing services or if you have any questions about the process.


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