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Pre-Employment Medical Exams for Prospective Employees

Some jobs in the Peace River region require physically demanding work on an ongoing basis, and prospective employees need to be tested to ensure they will be able to handle the job conditions. We have a registered nurse to provide pre-employment medical exams for employers to help assess individuals before they are hired on, to ensure they are suitable candidates.

Medical Exam Testing Procedure

Our registered nurse and other technicians use up-to-date equipment to assess things like heart rate and blood pressure when individuals are undergoing the physical testing. We offer occupational health services by taking a record of your medical history, as well as provide musculoskeletal tests to assess joint condition, lifting skills, strength, and overall flexibility. Northwest Hearing’s medical exam is thorough and gives employers a detailed overview of a potential employee.

Pre-employment medical tests can be combined with other tests – such as hearing, lung function, drug and alcohol, hearing, and respirator fit tests – to efficiently assess the individual. Call us today if you would like to schedule a medical exam for a potential employee. We can provide a “fit for work” certificate.


Book an Appointment

Schedule an appointment to get individuals tested at our facility, or for us to test at your workplace!

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