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Respirator Mask Fit Testing for WorkSafeBC Regulations

It’s important for employees to wear respirator masks to protect them from harmful substances in the workplace such as dusts and gases, but these need to be properly fitted to ensure they are effectively protecting the worker. WorkSafeBC regulations require respirator masks to be tested annually for fit on the person that is wearing it for their job.

Northwest Hearing provides fit testing to make sure the respirator masks are tightly sealed to the face, and to assist your business in fulfilling the WorkSafeBC and Work Safe Alberta requirements. We only use quantitative testing procedures, and we have a wide variety of mask sizes and models (i.e. SCBA, full-face, half mask) to ensure that each employee is wearing the right respirator. Most companies have us coordinate their annual hearing tests on the same day as respirator fit tests.

How We Test the Fit


We use the OHD FitTester 3000 from Occupational Health Dynamics, which offers one of the fastest and most accurate methods for quantitative fit testing of respirators. When receiving a respirator fit test, we ask that individuals be clean shaven so that we can properly assess the seal. Other personal protective equipment that is to be worn at the same time as a respirator and which could interfere with the respirator fit must be worn during the fit test. Give us a call if you have any questions about our respirator fit testing services.


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